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Duel Alibi DVD

Dark British 'twins' thriller with a fine dual performance form Herbert Lom Quality: 9/10 Stars: Herbert Lom, Phyllis Dixey, Terence de Marney, Ronald Frankau, Eugene Decker

£ 3.99

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Disc ONE 3 Stag Films

Disc one collection three rare stag films

£ 4.99

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Disc ONE..... 3 Rare Stag Films

Disc ONE..... 3 Stag Film Rare. Fast Post .

$ 10.00

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Duel Alibi

Rare Film Classic

$ 9.99

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Jimmy Hanley - Fred Martin
Lana Morris - Myra
Sonia Holm - Jean
Jack Allen - Parker
Sam Kydd - Spencer
Pat McGrath - Henry
Bruce Beeby - Insp. Rawlings
Elizabeth Seal - Gwen
Rupert Evans -Williams
Michael Mellinger -Tim
Jack Stewart - Gregson
Frank Thornton - Ins. Finch

Year of Production 1954

Running Time: 70 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mon
Radio Cab Murder
Classic British Movies now available on DVD Radio Cab Murder and Out Of The Fog.

Fantastic value now Available on Amazon.
Insignia production, Directed by Vernon Sewell starring Jimmy Hanley .

Our Hero Jimmy Hanley is out in his cab when he witnesses a robbery and sets chase only to crash into a park bench.
The police hatch a plan to help him catch the robbers.
Stag Films
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